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Each year, approximately 6% of babies born in the U.S. will succumb  to SIDS/SUIDS. In a report, published in 2008, the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) stated that HYPOTHERMIA was a TOP KILLER among newborns. It also stated that there is a threat of hypothermia for the first months of an infant's life. The Rain/Element Blanket is rain gear for infants, to be used anytime that the child will be exposed to  moist outside atmospheric conditions!



We, at JR & ME, Company, have developed a blanket that will eliminate hypothermia by 99.9%, the Rain/Element Blanket, the Hypothermia Eliminator! The Rain/Element Blanket is a specially-formulated blanket that has been designed for year-round use. This blanket performs like a plastic in its ability to repel moisture. Yet still acts like a fabric, allowing air to circulate even in warm damp weather. JR & ME, is the only kids store to offer a hypothermia preventing treatment. No other baby stores can compare. 

Give your baby the protection they deserve

Your baby looks to you for their protection. In their little minds, you have the ability to move heaven and earth; after all you're their parent. And if you knew that there was a threat to their health, you would take every precaution to eliminate that danger. Order a Rain/Element Blanket for your little one's protection today!

Hypothermia & newborns

 Hypothermia occurs when an infant's core body temperature drops below 97.5 degrees. When an infant experience cold stress conditions through being exposed to moist atmospheric conditions, then enters into an environment where they are unable to regain lost body heat, hypothermia sets in. Premature and low-birth weight babies are at greater risk of hypothermia. However, in general all newborns are susceptible to hypothermia, as they do not have to ability to maintain proper body temperature.  Here are some example of hypothermia in an infant: 

  • A weak cry
  • Low energy level
  • Lethargic (extremely sleepy)
  • Reddish and cold skin
  • Cool feeling of extremities and abdomen
  • Poor feeding

Currently, you won't find the Rain/Element Blanket in any other kids store or baby stores and JR & ME, Company offers the only infant protection against hypothermia!

An informed consumer

Is an educated consumer

There are levels of hypothermia. The following temperatures are to be considered as a general guideline, for most infants. There is mild hypothermia or may be referred to as "cold stress." This is where the infant's temperature drops below 96.8 to 97.5 degrees. Then there is moderate hypothermia. This is where the infant's body temperature drops below 89.6 to 96.7 degrees. The last one, is severe hypothermia and this is where the body temperature drops below 89.5 degrees. 

Most infants in the first months of life do not possess the ability to maintain a normal body temperature in a cool environment. 

Preventive measures

When you think of hypothermia, most people would say that they think of cold weather conditions. However, hypothermia in infants, can occur year-round. That is the reason the Rain/Element Blanket was designed for year-round usage. The promotion of year-round thermal care is required! 

No need to re-adjust car seat shoulder harness

Most car seat manufacturers, as well as many of the safety experts, recommend that you adjust the shoulder harness on the car seat so that they fit snug; against the child’s shoulders. The reason, in the event of a roll-over crash, the child does not slide out of the car seat. We know that a bulky jacket can change the fit of the shoulder harness in an instant. Not to mention, the cumbersome task of putting on a jacket and the taking off the jacket.  

The Rain/Element Blanket was designed for easy on and easy off use. All you need to do, is place the Rain/Element Blanket over the child, when going out in damp, moist atmospheric conditions and remove the Rain/Element Blanket once you are in a safe dry stable environment. It is just that simple!


Frequently asked questions

Is the Rain/Element Blanket just for preemies? 

No, it was designed to be used for the first months of all infants, to prevent the exposure of even the mildest form of hypothermia.

Is it possible that my child may have experienced hypothermia without me knowing? 

We are not medical experts, but from our research, yes, a mild form of hypothermia can occur.

How large is the Rain/Element Blanket?

The Rain/Element Blanket measures 36 inches by 36 inches; large enough for most toddlers.

Is the Rain/Element Blanket hypo-allergenic?


Is the Rain/Element Blanket flame-retardant?


How can I purchase a Rain/Element Blanket?

On this website and through Paypal®    

Can I place an order by mail?

No, at this time we only use Paypal®

What is your return policy?

Sixty (60) days from the date of purchase. Print out your Paypal® transaction form and mail the blanket along with the transaction form to JR & ME, Company P. O. Box 472225 Charlotte, NC 28471 for a full refund. 

Why is the Rain/Element Blanket so plain and simple looking?

Not to be facetious, there is nothing beautiful about a Cervical Collar; you know - a neck brace. However, if you've ever suffered an injury wherein your spine has been compromised, you can understand and appreciate the concept. With that being said, the Rain/Element Blanket was designed for practicality, plain and simple; no pun intended.

Need more information, about infants and hypothermia go to the top of this page, click the word "prices" when the arrow for the drop down screen appears, click "more" section and click the section "hypothermia & newborns" and read.

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